The top 5 things to watch this #Halloween #Horrorfilms #scary

It’s that time of year again where it’s dark outside and the clocks have gone back. In-keeping with the spooky week we’ve had so far I’ve put together some of the best Horror films to watch this Halloween!

So; getting in the Spirit of things… get it? I’ve put together some Halloween favourites that you definitely can’t watch until the kids have gone to bed, unless you can afford therapy in later life… I can’t. My daughter will be tucked away nicely.

1. The Loved Ones

An absolute nutter and her dad take a guy to prom…

Image of The Loved Ones

2. The Woman in Black

I’ve seen the show more than twice – but get yourself this on the telly and turn off the lights and turn it up loud. A fine cinema experience if you can find it…

Woman in Black

3. House of 1000 Corpses

Hey, it’s Dwight from the Office (US)… oh… dear God no… make it stop! Also; if you ever get chance to go see Rob Zombie live then go see him, he’s incredible!

House of 1000 Corpses

4. Stephen Kings IT

Absolutely terrified of this as a child. It’s not as scary when you’re mid-20’s.. honest…. seriously though… please don’t put it on…

Stephen King's IT

5. American Horror Story Series 1

Sexy, Twisted, fantastic… but not at all for kids!

American Horror Story

Alan Sugar’s 5 Greatest Quotes #theapprentice #alansugar

  • In honour of my favourite show on the TV here are my favourite Alan Sugar quotes…


  • I don’t make enemies, it’s just I’m not afraid to speak my mind, which can sometimes mean people don’t like what I am saying.


  • I’m a commercial person, not an academic.


  • Youngsters have got to stop thinking about becoming the next Zuckerberg. It’s a trillion-to-one chance. What they need is mater and pater to say, ‘Get a job, son.’


  • Why work when you can fill out a few forms and get paid for doing nothing.


  • I’ve just got an exceptional memory, if I say so myself.


My beautiful baby girl #daddy #daddyblog #babygirl

My beautiful baby girl, I, or should I say we, didn’t find out the sex of our baby and although early on I thought we should it was actually a policeman who advised us not to. I’m also glad I waited, again, we. It kept the most special days of our lives full of wonder, surprise and magic. I’ve also realised that I’m now a feminist, but turns out I was one all along according to my friends. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate all types of offensive jokes, what kind life would it be without them!?

My baby girl also has ginger hair, so she’ll have to have a good sense of humour, although I keep being informed by my fashionable friends that she is going to be fairly trendy because red is in on girls! Anyway, she’s beautiful and that’s why the blog has been neglected for a little while but I’m going to try and send across a few updates every now and then to keep myself and everyone else happy… oh, and here’s a picture of us…

Image of Matt and Skyler

Kendalls Bistro #Leeds #French #Bistro

This was somewhere I’d never been before; I’d heard good things but never had the opportunity to visit. Kendall’s Bistro in Leeds, a French restaurant with style and passion oozing from every orifice.

Now, as lovely as an experience as the visit was I did have a couple of issues, in no particular order, there was no option to tip on card and after I’d paid my bill I asked about this and was told that after you’ve paid there’s not much you can do, as it’s done by table. I’m not sure what that means but I am sure that this can’t be that hard to do, other restaurants seem to be doing it and it is 2014, not everyone carries change when you can even use your card at Greggs. I only had a couple of pounds in my wallet and the service deserved more than that.

Image of Fish Dish

My other issue; after we’d ordered our food, my girlfriend said she was having contractions and we both genuinely believed she may be in the early stages of labour. I suggested we leave but she wanted to stay for her main. The issues not with the restaurant but with the unborn child making us rush our evening. Either way, it was fantastic.

So; how was it?

We were met with the cheeky sign censored sign outside and welcomed in by a very friendly front of house. Not only we seated quickly, we were asked if we liked our table, nice touch. There’s no set menu at Kendall’s, always a good sign! They pride themselves on Fresh Food. Now, I think it’s fair to say French wasn’t something I was interested in during my teenage years so I’m not up to scratch so you’ll have to excuse my lazy English descriptions of the dishes that we had.

For starters, my date for the evening ordered scallops and I ordered Black Pudding with Apple Puree. Absolutely divine. Both of them.

For mains we got the Seafood Medley, Scallops, King Prawn, Seabass, squid rings, and although I’m not really a fishy person I have it on good authority that this was delicious and what shall be getting ordered next time. I ordered what was essentially Hanger steak in red wine with mushroom, which again was delicious but I hadn’t decided what I wanted for my main when the waitress came to take our order. Not to say I wouldn’t have it again, but the duck is something I’ll be opting for next time.

Turns out the labour pains were false, but we paid and we were on our way anyway.

Can’t wait to go back, with change in my pocket, and although the Seabass was a little bit on the pricey side everything else seemed perfectly reasonable. Well played Kendalls. Beautiful in interior and soul.

Lucy Review #lucy #filmreview #moviereview

It’s going to divide opinion, that’s a given. However, if you’re looking for an hour and a half on unadulterated fun, enjoyment and not having to think too hard then this is it. The film starts off brilliantly, but by its third act it seems to have descended into absolute madness and has lost a lot of credibility. It is in part fantastically violent and dark, but this part sci-fi, part action film loses its identity a little the further in you go with it. And I still don’t know who Richard is.

Image of Lucy movie poster

I have to admit I left the cinema (which by the way is ridiculously expensive these days-and they can’t figure out why there is such a big piracy issue!) feeling good. I really enjoyed the film and was on-board for most of it, Lucy only started to lose me a little at the end. It’s tries to be a little too clever for its own good and the dialogue just doesn’t match up. Scarlett Johannsson is excellent at the beginning but she becomes more and more static, maybe as the character needs I’m not sure, but it does lose a little bit of soul along with it. I also don’t know what happened to that guy from Green Wing. He seems to have got away with it!

The film feels a little unresolved but is still enjoyable nonetheless and I’m torn; the first act is better than average and sucks you in well and truly with clever juxtaposition and intelligent direction but by the time we’re in the 3rd act it’s all gone a little bit pantomime. I wish it’d stayed with the dark story.

All in all, it’s a great film, and one that I’ll remember, and would watch again in the future.

*** 3/5

Scares and Chills @yorkdungeon #scary #dungeons

So; first things first. I probably shouldn’t have turned up a bit late and with the most awful of awful hangovers bestowed upon my head, but it turns out Yorkshire Dad had got tickets to go visit the York Dungeon’s and all its new exciting going-on’s and was kind enough to invite me along for the journey too. So; most importantly, was it a good hangover cure? Excellent. Secondly; was it any good?

Me (right) hungover to hell!

Now; I’ve been to the Dungeon’s before, York, London and Edinburgh so I knew what I was expecting however York was promising something new, which makes sense as they’ll want repeat visits. A lot of it was things I’d seen before but I’d also forgotten quite a lot too which made it all the more exciting. All in all it was really fun and perfect if your children like a good scare, but it might be a little too scary for some younger or more sensitive children. It’s about an hour and 10 minutes around and has real-life actors always keeping in character, like when two people decided they wanted to leave a room of their own accord and had to be stopped.

The Witch experience was absolutely amazing and has left me well and truly puzzled! Worth entry price just for that! You’ll really enjoy the show so keep yourself safe and hopefully you’ll come out alive!

**** 4/5

Check out the site here: – there’s a cool little test at the bottom too!

Chevelle – Hunter eats Hunter #music #chevelle #review #newsingle

I was sent the fantastic new single by Chevelle to cover today. Sadly, I missed Download, where Chevelle played, earlier this year so didn’t manage to catch any bands, known or unbeknown to me, as I have done in previous years. Thankfully, I’ve been sent the latest single from their album, La Gárgola’ entitled Hunter Eats Hunter which was a pleasant surprise as these are a band that I haven’t come across before but they’re signed to In De Goot Entertainment who represent some of my favourite artists such as Halestorm and Black Stone Cherry (who’s album Magic Mountain is also very groovy!)

The single is due to be released on the 20th October ahead of a 3 day tour, sadly not visiting Leeds, but covering Manchester, Birmingham and London so at least there’s always somewhere slightly near that you’ll be able to visit.

Front man Pete Loeffler, guitar and vocals, described the album as ‘a sonic reinvention for the band’ by front man Pete Loeffler [guitars, vocals], ‘I don’t want Chevelle to sound like every rock band out there, I wanted to create something fun in a dark way.’

The vocals are reminiscent of Maynard James Keenan, turns out the album is produced by Joe Barresi, who has worked previously with Tool, as well as Queens of the Stone Age and Coheed and Cambria. There is a unpretentious Tool feel about the single, and I haven’t heard the album as of yet so I can’t comment.

Many bands now rely on technical prowess to impress, but whilst being obviously gifted musicians the group haven’t forgotten to write a song in the process, and have successfully created a big chorus. There is a carefully balanced but ferociously crafted scream that Pete Loeffler creates which adds to the dynamics of the song but isn’t overused creating a heaviness behind consistently strong riffs.

Although there are comparisons between Chevelle and other bands such as Tool, and dare I say a very pale hint of Opeth, they don’t play on the pseudo-intellectual musicianship like many bands now do, probably to stand out from the crowd in all honesty. Is this a good thing? Well that all boils down to personal preference. What I do know is if you’re looking for a solid rock song then this is well worth a listen.

*** 3/5