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OK – as you will more than likely be able to tell – December wasn’t the month of updates for us here at Fire Style Magazine… Well, with Christmas on the go as well as new year and tying up loose ends it just became something that got put to the bottom of the pile so to speak. Never mind. I hope you had a pleasant and peaceful Christmas and New Years – done.

So it’s time for the beer review – now, for more than one reason – I can’t really remember what we thought about these beers so I’ll keep it as honest as I possibly can from my memory.

Samuel Adams

As far as I know, this is a popular drink of our cousins in the US of A. I know this from reading the bottle (I’m clever like that) and also that I once drank this in an American themed burger bar – which in my personal and humble opinion is overrated… but I’m going to save that story for another day.

Now – Matt obviously doesn’t have the same involvement in the blog as I myself do, so this is pretty much the review….

It’s a dark beer with a strong taste. 4/5 ****

Innis and Gunn

My Innis and Gunn beer is oak aged like no other beer… or so the label tells me so. I would have assumed that this would have meant more of a woody, smokey flavour however quite the contrary. This is a sweet drink, make no mistake. This may have something to do with the fact that it does have hints of toffee and vanilla but it is still a beer.

Image of Innis and Gunn bottle

More Beer…

The thing is I don’t really have a sweet tooth when it comes to a nice beer, and I feel like this could have been better than it looked. As a light-coloured beer, it’s a sweet Scottish beer, but I needed something a little more bitter for my pallet… that isn’t bitter. I’m not a fan of bitter either.

3/5 ***

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